April 18, 2018

Eviction and Homelessness | Hector BustosĀ 

Homelessness and eviction have always been issues that surround my hometown in Orange County. Santa Ana has been forced to deal with the homeless population of Southern OC cities because of their actions in forcing the majority of their homeless population into ours. For several years now, homeless encampments have sprouted all around the city. One of the biggest encampments, ironically enough, is within the buildings surrounding Civic Center. Homelessness is a rising issue in Santa Ana that has not been fully addressed until this year. Santa Ana has finally taking action and plans to sue the county for the lack of support on their end. The reality is that these people have no where to go. They are being pushed from one place to another and have no tenure security. Within these encampments there are a wide variety of cases involving substance abuse, health concerns, etc. It is a public health crisis. The homeless population should be provided with housing so that the streets within Santa Ana are safer and so that this homeless population has more of an opportunity to expand and develop in secure housing.

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