April 25, 2018

Warehouse Wage Slaves | Hector BustosĀ 

My mother has worked in the same factory for over 30 years. This job is physically and psychologically demanding. She came to the United States as a young adult and this was the first job she had. She came to the United States with a fourth grade education and was an undocumented immigrant. You can already guess how many job opportunities she was given. With little hope of finding a job, she stuck to this job and is unwilling to leave because she fears she will not find a job elsewhere. There have been many instances where my mom injured herself while at work, and although she was being given paid sick leave, she still stressed about going back to work as soon as possible because she feared that she would be fired as soon as she returned. My mother only speaks Spanish which also limits her opportunities to seek employment in areas that prefer English speaking employees. The company she works for was going through a period where a lot of people were being fired and replaced. Most of the people being fired were people who did not speak English. This greatly shows the relationship between work and intelligence. Those who were being fired were Spanish speaking employees with little or no education and the employees coming in where educated, in most cases bi-lingual, better with technology, and were working in the offices of the company rather than on the floor. In America, you need to be highly educated in order to find a job and have job security. The most educated people are the ones doing very easy work but getting the most money. While the people at the bottom who are working the most are being paid the least amount of money as possible. All of this is an example of systematic oppression because students of color are not given the resources to succeed and go on and pursue a college education, and they are the one’s least likely to get hired because of their lower education level.

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