April 30, 2018

In Class Writing | Hector Bustos

Systematic racism and white power have contributed to the racial positions within most corporations. These companies have been established on a racial hierarchy platform. “When previously noted vulnerable and deportable Mexican workers in historical sociological scholarship were relegated to low-level agricultural jobs, employers often reasoned that they were naturally equipped to do the work. The historical take is crucial because the continued hierarchical arrangement and triangulation of workers of color by white employers continues to this day” (Cruz, 2016). The United States has become a nation where racism plays a big role in the selection of employees in the work field. In most corporate or high level jobs, you will find white men at the top of the hierarchy. This is because of the racial norms and systematic racism within our nation. People believe that immigrants, especially Mexicans, are content with the manual labor jobs they are given because they are naturally equipped to bare these physically demanding manual labor jobs.


Cruz, A. (2016). On the Job: White Employers, Workers of Color, and Racial Triangulation Theory.  Sociology Compass, 10(10), 918-927. doi:10.1111/soc4.12406

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