Lab #7 hiking!

Date: 3/25/2020

Weather: Windy & Sunny

Location: Heron Bay

Heron Bay is a public neighborhood trail in San Leandro. There’s a trail where people can hike around or walk their dogs. It’s near the ocean and has some beautiful views. It’s mostly flat and its habitat is marshland. A lot of different types of bird species and plants.




-Phragmites communis-

-Anser cygnoides-

-Anas platyrhynchos-

Median Size birds, the one I saw was around 55cm. Males have a yellow-green beak, orange-yellow feet, a bright green head and neck, and a distinctive white collar at the neck. The female duck’s bill is black and brown, the foot is orange-yellow, and has the characteristics of purple and blue wing mirror and the wide white edge of the front and rear edge of the wing mirror. They live in almost all types of wetlands. They feed by tipping forward and grazing on underwater plants.

Sources: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Mallard/id


After so many days of staying at home, my friend and I decide to take a hike in this trail. It’s very close to where we live, walking distance. It took us about 10 minutes to talk to the trail. The weather is very windy and dry. We spent around 40 minutes on this trail because it was way too cold. The view was very nice(it would be nicer if it’s less windy). There’s a lot of people walking their dogs and running on this trail. We saw a lot of cute dogs but we didn’t pet any because of the coronavirus :’). We saw a lot of different species of birds, they are not listed above because they are either too far away or hidden from us(that’s why I couldn’t get a picture). This is my first time exploring this trail and it’s a lot better then I would expect. The marshland brought a lot of different animals and plants. It showed a more completed ecosystem(I really like it). The whole walk was good, breathed a lot of fresh air and feel like alive again.


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