Homeless Students amid Covid19

I recently was reading an article on homeless students during this time of COVID and it brought a lot of important factors to my attention. I think this is an issue that deserves a lot more attention and one that I don’t see being talked about too much.

One major aspect of the homeless community that is being affected in many ways by the coronavirus is actually students that are experiencing homelessness. As of the 2015-2016 school year, roughly 1.36 million students experienced homelessness throughout that given year. This is a large population that can be greatly affected by the difficulties that COVID poses. Now that schools are closed due to the pandemic, it has created an entirely separate issue of students not being able to get the resources that they rely on from their schools and programs. Some of these things include meals and sources for food. Millions of students receive free or reduced-price breakfast and lunches from their schools, two meals that now they don’t get due to school closures. Another big issue is that students who are experiencing homelessness likely don’t have access to the internet or wifi connection. This makes it even harder for them to try to attend remote classes and continue their education during this time. Another big issue is access to healthcare. A ton of homeless students actually rely on their school nurses and health centers for access to healthcare. Now a service that they don’t have access to if they need it. This is a big issue because in the era of the novel coronavirus, it is crucial to have access to such resources.  Of course, there are many other ways that students are being affected by COVID as I only detailed a few.

If you want to learn more about the other ways that students experiencing homelessness are being affected by the virus read the full article for yourself. Follow the link below!




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