I am sure there are people out there who want to help the homeless population but arent exactly sure how to during the age of COVID 19. I for one had no idea where to start so I wanted to share some ideas about how people can get involved.

One of the best ways that anyone can help out is by donating to a fundraiser/charity, or a local shelter or food bank. I know that right now it is a tricky time to help in terms of going and physically lending a hand, so it is always great to make financial contributions to these various outlets. Of course if you feel up to helping in person than by all means go and volunteer, just make sure you are practicing safe social distancing protocols. Another great way to donate if you don’t want to donate time or money, would be to donate supplies. Shelters and individuals, in general, are constantly in need of items such as hand sanitizer and ppe. If you happen to have some extra resources lying around, maybe consider donating them to your local shelter.

Another great way that you can get involved right now is by getting in touch with elected officials. you would be surprised how far an email, letter, or phone call would go. Elected officials are always there to hear your ideas and advocating for the homeless population at this time is a huge help.

Aside from these various ways, another great way to get involved is by using the power of your social media to spread awareness on the issue. Nothing stands out more than a powerful news article or statistics. By posting on your social media and spreading awareness, you could be helping other individuals get involved as well and ready to act. Of course, these are only a few ideas of how people can get involved right now. There are many other ways as well but the important thing is that you do something to take action and help. I hope some of these ideas can help!


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