October 18th Reflection on Education

Indira Cockerill

Education in America is quite a bit of money for example, here at University of San Francisco the tuition itself is 45,000 dollars which makes the entire year 65,000 dollars. This is a lot considering that less than 30 years ago you could buy a house for that price. From where I came from in my home country I can say that education was not very prevalent. People were very poor and lived in the country sides and lived very simple lives though being in the United States I can say that education is way more valuable. Technically my adopted mother or mother received an education and graduated from college but never went on to receive a master degree which end up being a loss now. Now the standard is to receive a master degree at least and hopefully receive a doctorate or PhD, possibly even a couple. I have found that especially around here in the Bay Area education is very heavily pressed and very much important for a persons individual success and statues among others. People do care where you go to school and should in my opinion. The caliber of students being produced at less prestigious schools obviously means something.

I like the prestigious that some schools provide since it means that if you get in that you most likely worked hard for it and get to wear that rite of passage for the rest of your life. When looking people are looking to hire people in most fields such as STEM, or accounting and such people look at where you graduated from and do not care if you transferred from a community college.

I personally prefer a education with prestige and with unlimited resources and that carries a brand name. The reason being that I know what I could have been in my home country but now that I am here I know what I want to be. I took look towards the ivy leagues and other schools considered ivy leagues because the type of work and students that they are producing are extraordinary and not boring and ordinary and of course I like that. I will work for what I want and I want an education that backs that up and if not then I will still create what I want.


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