In Class Writing: Oct 25 (Brainstorm on essay 3)

MIndy, Indira, Kevin

1.) Common interest is business/marketing (Majors:Advertising/Communications) Focus: Business/Creating Ideas

Combining our views on business and we can focus our majors to what our interests are.

  • Start with: What is advertising and communications major and marketing?
  • connected in the ways that they can be focused on business but are both broad majors. (add what type of jobs an advertising and communications major can have)
  • add examples of advertising companies. (find and add mission statements from organizations that incorporate advertising/communications-non-profits, eco-lodges ect)
  • Interview with major advisor or professors in field (voice over with moving shots of student working)

Upadated version:

Video Essay Outline:

Start with opening question of: Why did you choose communications?

        I choose communications because of the diversity of which focus the major provides you and the free range of creativity it creates. I am passionate about business and so I have been working with professors from other departments to help me create my business outline and talk through the ideas I have and make this a reality while also learning key skills for my future career. 

Overlay with shots of writing on a computer or talking to a group of people around campus and showcasing USF.   

        Another great aspect about communications is that you can focus on marketing, advertising, creative writing, really anything that has to do with showing communication through speaking, thinking and writing.

Then have advertising major say why they choose marketing and how that ties into communications major of the aspect of thinking critically and being creative in coming up with ideas.

Have the same with marketing communications and tie it to communications major and show how they all connect.

Then end with saying that with a communications degree anything is possible and career paths are out there for as long as you think critically and use the resources on campus.


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