Oct 30th: Education

I see that a lot of people on the blog such as Huating and Raha agree with what Desiree said that is college is about becoming a well rounded student and ready to take on the workforce. One point that was hinted at but that is crucial in making sure that students feel satisfied with their education is taking a gap year or traveling before they start college. This I can attest for since I did a gap year program before I came to USF which is traditional learning. I can say that I am ready for the workforce and better prepared for obstacles now that I have ever been before seeing what other parts of the country is like. This could also help with understanding debt and leaving college debt free and not being behind on buying a house or car. For example when traveling you learn how to budget because you have too. For my internship I had a set amount for food, rent, and travels which I could not run out of. This helped me understand the value of money and what the real world is like more or less.

I have also seen that this is also based on the individuals experience and how hard they work in college is of course what they will get out of it. If people do not innovate and use all of the tools that they are paying for then this will of course drastically change how they view their college experience and how helpful it was.

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