In Class Writing: Nov 1st

The structure of the online essay was vey compelling and thought out in terms of structure. I liked that it started off with some context or background of what was happening in that time and then a quote of the storyteller. Also having context to the background of the history and how that shaped his childhood and life at that time was extremely important in understanding what type of struggles and how that would overall shape his views in life later on. I also found that it kept me very engaged when reading because the overall narrative was long but having an engaging story helped a ton.

I saw that other people really liked that he told what his parents perspective were when they were younger and how that would shape how they saw education and raised their children. And again telling the background of the historical context really helped with this too and kept the story engaging.

It was great seeing what his life would amount to and how he came to the united states for a better education and how we know as the reader the amount of work that he had to do to accomplish this.

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