In Class Writing: Essay 2 Feedback Nov 15th

After reading the comments on my essay, I have found that I have a decent set up of my overall essay and okay examples to back up my claims though where I fall in concluding all of those together for the conclusion and using my own experiences and examples to back them up. This would have helped me tie the conclusion together which ultimately fell short and did not tie together both of my points. I also need to work on my apa citing the works cited which makes sense since I tried finding this on the site but found that it was tough to find and effected this part of the essay. Though I believe that my in quotations are fine and overall structure of the essay is fine.

Overall I believe that my essay is decent but could just use a better conclusion.

I can address these issues by going into modules and checking how to find the apa citation for the pages citied and fix that and then just tie together the conclusion.

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