Submitting an Article to the IPTLJ

The University of San Francisco Intellectual Property and Technology Law Journal accepts article submissions through Scholastica, Expresso, or through direct submission to

If you are a USF Law Student, please submit via email. Write “Article Submission” in the subject line of your email, include your name and that you are a USF student in the body of your email, and attach a current version of the article and your resume or CV. If you are not a USF Law Student and submit via email, please include in the body of your email your organization affiliation (if any) and whether you are a student or practitioner.

Writing a Survey for the IPTLJ

Survey Authors write short, succinct ‘surveys’ on groundbreaking intellectual property cases in intellectual property law areas. This is a quick and easy way to see your name in print, get up to date with an important IP-related case, and add a “Publications” section to your resume!

If you are a USF Law Student, and you interested in becoming a survey author please contact us at, and be sure to include your name, “IPTLJ – Survey”, and the issue you would like to create a survey for in the subject line of the email.


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