1.Discover the Society of Jesus, found in 1540, now counting around 1700 members, some of them dedicated to education, and others propagating faith and reason, where I belong. A propice terrain of investing in technology.
The Society of Jesus.@TheJesuits

2. What is the United Nations doing in today’s chaos around the world? Explore the current programs. The United Nations should inspire a united world, searching peace and solidarity. @UN

3. Do not hesitate to go digitally with young people in Africa dedicated to environmental education and the protection of our common home. CYNESA is for me a model of how social media can mobilise youth in crucial questions such as climate change. @CYNESA

4. Inform yourself about high-tech gadgets which are revolutionizing the world in the 21 millennium. @Apple

5. What does the United Nations Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization say about educational technology? I see UNESCO as worldwide platform which could foster Ed.Tech around the globe.

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