Audio Essay Rough Draft

Sept 2: In Class Writing

Katie Zamos

-Katie spoke a lot about the meaning of Ethos and used it as a method to clearly relate it to the methods she recommended people use in an argument.

-My paragraph lacked details about Ethos.

-We had similar methods of addressing what we needed in a successful argument.

-I thought her perspective was very interesting sting because she was straight to the point with all of her details. It is important to be straight to you point when explaining your argument.

August 31st: Free Writing

idea 1: transition into highschool into Kamehameha Schools. Become educated on the values of being Hawaiian. Learning the language. history of my people. new culture practices. caring for the environment  more. sustainability. community.lahui. educated on topics that deal with Hawaiians now and the affects of it because those in government right now.

idea 2: traveling to Europe. young when doing it. new experience. become open to new cultures. learning different customs. stepping outside of my box. noticing the difference between the US and Europe. started to crave traveling. now have expectations for myself in the future to travel more

idea 3: the struggles of learning about the injustices of other cultures. became educated. becoming overwhelmed with information. learning how to advocate. becoming the generation that changes things in society.

idea 4: struggling to find a hobby that i can continue for the rest of my life which helps me physically, emotionally, intellectually, and the environment overall. sewing, crochet, gardening, composting. trying to find something I am passionate in and be able to share that with others.


Outline for Essay:

Topic: Identity

When you take the time to learn about your history, educated yourself on whatʻs occurred to others similar to you in the present, you can build on foundation on how to move toward on what will benefit yourself in the future.

My experience(History): entering a school for Hawaiians. wanting to learn about my history. it was not just a part of me. I wanted it to become a lifestyle. When I became aware of the injustices of my culture I became very angry.

Present: I educated myself on what is occurring curing now to Hawaiians. Toursitʻs run economy. not as many native speakers. high percentage of Hawaiians incarcerated. many Hawaiians and Polynesians are affected from this pandemic. noticed similar issues with black community because of BLM movement. learned that it is better to have allies and create a community safe within all cultures. become educated on things I did wrong, things I need to continue, and things i need to learn more about.

Future: educated our parents on what is going on now because most of them is stuck in their old ways. educate younger generations because they are our future. use our voices for what we believe in. show that big corporations and the government work for what is best for the community not the small sliver of people that have big amount of money to cause economic change

August 26-In Class Writing: Ruby, Liliah-Aaliyah, Jamye

Our article is called, “Whoʻs the Best First Lady?” written by Gail Collins. The article is about the comparison between Melania Trump and Michelle Obama. The purpose of it is to reach out for voters. It questions voters that they are putting in their vote into the larger community rather than just the leader. The article connects to forensic and ceremonial details. It connects to the forensic argument because it address the past, which is Michelle Obama. It is also ceremonial because it is honors the first woman now which is Melania Trump.

Meaning of My Name

My full name is Jamye Grace Kamakalehua Aquino Kamali’i. My first name which is Jamye Grace was chosen by my mother. My middle name was chosen by my Uncle Kekoa on my dad’s side of the family. Aquino is my mother’s maiden name and Kamali’i is my father last name.

Jamye was chosen because my mother had a connection to the character with the same name as me, but I am not sure why it is spelled this certain way. My second first name is Grace, because my mother had a cyst in one of her fallopian tubes before she had me and many thought that she had no chance to become pregnant, but here I am. She felt that it was the “grace” of God was the reason I was brought into this world.

My middle name is Kamakalehua which literal definition is “the sight of the lehua blossom” but its kaona or deeper meaning, is loved by many. My Uncle gifted me with the name because he had dreamt about it before I was born. Many Hawaiians are blessed with their Hawaiian name being chosen for them by a kūpuna.

I used to be embarrassed assed that my first name was spelled differently than others and that I had two first names. I felt like an outcasts and very pretentious for the extra long first name. I was able to deal with it as I got older because I realized that my name was original and that it had a lot of meaning to my mother.

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