Oct 14

I chose Lil Durk’s Instagram account. Lil Durk is a rapper/songwriter. Just by looking at his account, you can tell he is very successful. He has pictures of him with money and big chains, also 7.4 million followers. I don’t think this portrays ethos or credibility to who he really is as a person. Although he is open about his relationship, I think pictures cannot fully explain who he is in reality. I feel as though his songs tell a bigger story than his pictures on Instagram.



Oct 19: Reading Response Analysis

Lillah summarized the reading and also mentions how visual grabs the attention of readers, supporting that idea with the flag example which was used in the reading. She also explains how she feels about this idea. My response is similar to hers because we both mentioned how photographs and visual designs are used today as well as how certain details and elements of the photograph contribute to an argument.

Jamye first mentions the flag example such as Lillah and explains how that is an example of visual rhetoric. SH further explains stirs up emotion. Our is actually very similar.

Sep 30 Essay 2

How the media and advertisement affect women


use pathos ethos and logos

find articles or sites for more evidence and back up the claim

rhetorical analysis directing evidence or claims that are already made. Put your input. do you agree or disagree make it clear




intro: personal experience, thesis

body:  evidence, Although the beauty industry seems to empower women with their advertisements, they set a higher standard, negatively affecting the women emotionally and physically.

body: how/why  ads are so effective

body: How is this any good for women? evidence

I have to figure out how to only base this off of one article. It would be easier if it was more than one.

September 28: Coordinate and Subordinate

Ailin, Jelo

Exercise 1

  1. Pets are not allowed in Mr. Taylor’s building, but he owns several cats and a parrot.
  2. New legislation prevents drivers from sending or reading text messages while driving, yet many people continue to use their phones illegally.
  3. The coroner concluded that the young man had taken a lethal concoction of drugs, and by the time his relatives found him, nothing could be done.
  4. Amphibians are vertebrates that live on land and in the water; however, flatworms are invertebrates that live only in water.
  5. Ashley carefully fed and watered her tomato plants all summer, so the tomatoes grew juicy and ripe.
  6. When he lost his car key, Simon attempted to open the door with a wire hanger, a credit card, and a paper clip, then he called the manufacturer for advice.

Exercise 2

  1. Jake is going to Mexico because there are beautiful beaches in Mexico.
  2. A snowstorm disrupted traffic all over the east coast, where there will be long delivery delays this week.
  3. Since my neighbor had his television volume turned up too high, I banged on his door and asked him to keep the noise down.
  4. Jessica prepared the potato salad and the sautéed vegetables, while Ashley marinated the chicken.
  5. After Romeo poisons himself, Juliet awakes to find Romeo dead and stabs herself with a dagger.

September 23: Sandwich

A huge component of advertisement deals with the advancement of products in a sense that determines the “perfect” body image. Society alongside with media is congested with beauty ads that affect women emotionally and physically. In Antigone Kyrousi’s article “Attitudes toward ads portraying women in decorative roles and female competition: an evolutionary psychology perspective,” he studies how these ads are positively and negatively affecting women today. Furthermore, Kyrousi states, “…the present paper proposes that women’s attitudes toward such ads are underlined by the evolved context-sensitive mechanism or intrasexual competition” (Kyrousi, 2016). This presents how pictures of women within the media and ads alike affect the way women perceive themselves and encourage them to be better, washing their minds to make it seem like they aren’t perfect yet. These idealized pictures and advertisements of products and women make consumers feel the need to seek for an attainable purpose of beauty.

september 21

Ruby, Olivia, Jelo

Rhetorical Analysis of a visual argument:  https://images.app.goo.gl/rSrFQyoKC9Lag5uU8

This is a picture of Wendy telling Peterpan about Covid-19. Peterpan is standing by the window seal with Tinkerbell as Wendy gives him hand sanitizer. Wendy is holding a magazine and wearing a mask, while Peter isn’t, cautioning Peter about the Corona Virus. The message of this cartoon is social distancing. Boris Johnson, the prime minister of the UK is on the front of the magazine, which shows that he’s starting to realize the cases are rising and Corona is becoming a real issue he has to address.

Pathos: the expression on their faces, they seem worried, dark circles under their eyes

Ethos: using well-known people to present the message, Peterpan, Wendy, and Boris

Logos: emphasizing wearing a mask

It is effective because it shows characters who kids look up to. These characters present social distancing and safety from Corona, which is a big issue today.

September 16

Amani, Daisy, Jelo

Passage 1:

A man from the city came to visit a small farm and saw a farmer feeding pigs in a very strange way. The farmer would lift a pig to a nearby apple tree, and the pig would eat the apples directly off the tree. The farmer would move the pig from one apple to another until the pig was full. Then he would start again with another pig.

The man from the city was pretty puzzled, so he watched for quite a while, and finally said, “What a strange way to feed pigs! It’s a waste of time! You could save a whole lot of time if you just shook the apples off the tree and let the pigs eat them from the ground!”. The farmer looked puzzled and replied, “What’s time to a pig?”.

Passage 2:

A young man was waiting in line at the bank developed a loud case of hiccups that got worse and worse. By the time he got to the teller’s window, he could hardly talk while handing the teller his check to cash.

The teller was tapping numbers into the computer and was looking up, in a moment, frowning. “I can’t cash your check,” she said.

The man was shocked; “Why not?” he asked.

“The computer indicates you do not have sufficient funds to cover this amount. In fact, our records show that your account is overdrawn by more than $5000.00,” she said. 

“It can’t be! You’ve got to be kidding!” Cried the man. 

She smiled, “Your right. I am.” She started counting out his cash, and pointed out, “You will notice that your hiccups are gone, though!”

September 9

Group: Sahara, Valyntina, Jelo

“My Identity is A Superpower” by America Ferrera reveals the obstacles she’s faced as a Latina actress on American television. She wanted to emphasize that our unique voices, worth, and differences give us power. Throughout her TED Talk, she uses pathos to share the experiences that shes had as a Latina actress with her audience. One example is how Ferrera didn’t get the job and was crying, showing a vulnerable side to the audience.

Link: https://www.ted.com/talks/america_ferrera_my_identity_is_a_superpower_not_an_obstacle#t-822778

September 2: In-class Writing

As I was going through my classmate’s responses, most of them had the same idea which was having an excellent argument means that you need authority and credibility. In my response, I was focused on the same thing and I also included how your character brings food to the table as well. Sabrina Cha also included that establishes your reputation and citing is how you can make clear and effective arguments to your audience. Most of my classmates also state that using credible sources or real-life experiences can also help you excel in a string argument. Their response can help me see different perspectives and help me see how others can create a trustworthy argument.

August 31 Free writing

The first thing that came in mind was how I began to learn Spanish in 1st grade because it was required in my school for some reason. So I have been learning Spanish for about 10 plus years now. In high school, I was always in the Spanish honors classes and AP. Spanish as helped me with a lot especially because some of my family can talk in Spanish, my dad can speak Spanish, and also just random life encounters when I had the chance to use to ability to speak in Spanish. I could also apply it to my vacation to Europe and in Barcelona, it was easy to get around just because I understood everything.

I could also write about learning/ journey on loving myself. Growing up this has always been a problem. I always tried to find something wrong with me. on top of that, my parents put a lot of pressure on me because they compare me to my perfect smart sister. Also dealing with illnesses throughout the years. This topic is something I’ll never forget just because of how much it affected and put my life on hold for the most part. But right now I am doing much better, I would say. I feel like this topic/ literacy essay I would have more to talk about, but I don’t know if I would put myself out there like that just because I’m scared.