I remember playing “teacher” when I was little. It was fun and I enjoyed teaching my friends whom aren’t enrolled in school so I would set up a black board and write the alphabets or number. I remember having a full lecture and they would on papers and pencils. Those times were fun and we were just playing. Come to think of it now, we were not only playing for fun but we were productive. I also enjoy correcting quizzes and exams or subbing for the teachers for a bit while they step away.

I also enjoy traveling solo and some of my friends stated that I have inspired them to get out of their comfort zone. One of them, Angela got the travel bug and now travel solo more than I do. I love it. I learn a lot from traveling solo. I learn about different places culture, people and meet other world travelers. It’s amazing.

I need to come up with more ideas. I recently encounter one of the most challenging times of my life. My student loan for spring 2020 was breached by the lender, Sixup. I received the noticed last week and since then, I have been under distress because I was afraid of getting dropped from my classes. I invested a lot of time, money, and energy in nursing school and I’d love to continue my journey to become a nurse so I can implement my missions, visions and make a difference. I have always been independent and I found myself in a very very vulnerable place when I kept getting denied for new student loan to fill my tuition gap. I have never been so enthusiastic about staying in school and fulfilling my long time goal. No matter how optimistic, hopeful, and open-minded I am, fear kept popping in and out of my head. The universe was sure testing my faith. I have been doing my best to continue to helping myself by seeking options to fill my tuition gap. I spoke with financial aid, academic advisors and student account representative. I also have friends and family who has been very supportive of my case. Despite of all my struggles, I learned to open up some more and sit with my fears, uncertainties and mixed emotions. I can only do my best and I remain grateful in times when I feel like I am being forced to give up.  I am making progress in filling my tuition gap and will continue attending classes. Thank god!


Outline for audio essay:

Solo Travel:

Why travel solo?




Priceless memories


talk about experience, places I have traveled to, what I learned, like and not like.


Restate the benefits of traveling and maybe persuade people to give it a try.