I usually get tokenized by people in various of ways. It is pretty funny and sometimes annoying at the same time. I get called, “Chinese” a lot even if I am not Chinese but I just laugh about it because I am Asian and I love being Asian. I sometimes get bothered by people making assumptions or stereotypes about me being Filipino. Some people would say, “Oh you’re filipino? You are too light skin to be one and your eyes are chinky” Now, who says filipino has to have certain look. and if they dig into Philippine History, our ancestors are Negritos and Malays which can be translated as black and white.

Over the weekend, a friend was asking me what are my plans after I finish nursing school; Are you buying a house? Where you wanna live? I answered, “well I try to not look past where I am at right now because anything can change in a year or two. Who knows maybe I want to move somewhere when I am a nurse but I really cannot tell until I get there. Only then I will be able to have a better idea and visions on what I need to do with my life.” She answered, I see, well I just don’t want you to be like my co-worker who is having a hard time transitioning from Daly City from Sacramento. It’s good to have a plan. I responded, “Yes, I live in Daly City now but it does not mean I am the same as all of the filipinos out there. I moved there because rent is cheap and parking is free” Remember I was raised in the city so I obviously embrace being around diverse community and I love floating so I doubt I would have a problem adapting to new environment wherever I end up after. nursing. I gotta make sure I love what I am doing and love where I am staying.” I added, “Oh I also do to like to spill my plans because I never know if I can execute it or if I even want to do it still later on.” “I guess you will just see.” We laughed.

I find it annoying when people get ignorant, judgmental, and make stupid comments. I have nothing against my people and filipino community. I know they or some like to stick to each other and I do the same with my family. However, I set myself apart from the norms because I like to explore and look at things in different views. I’d rather find positives than be quick to point out negatives about anything or anyone. It is pretty funny and we just gotta let people be. As long as I know myself and what I need and want well, then I am okay. I love listening to criticism because those are healthy and can only make us a better human. I don’t need to prove myself to people who have limiting beliefs, I can only continue doing my own thing and care for myself, and maybe be a good example or model to someone. 🙂