I feel most of the football fans are not fully conscious or conscientious about the consequences that comes along with football and its players. Football fans watch football as an entertainment.

Almond’s critique about football violence is valid. However, people will do whatever it is they want to do or sometimes people choose to not go very deep in analyzing the pros and cons of being a football fan. Maybe if he Almond expands his critique in depth, people would consider giving up football. When I said in depth, I mean stating the health consequences, brutality, including the domestic violence and murder that some football players have committed. Oh and NFL just taking all these people’s money by consuming new shirts, jackets, and all products you can think of. It is good be a wise fan and not fall into consumerism.

Despite of all the valid reasonings to stop football, it is more than likely that people will still watch and support the sport. Football has been around for so many years. People love to gather and watch football. It is their way to spend time with their family and friends. Sometimes it is relaxing for them.

Recently, there is a new female coach that has entered NFL. She coaches for the Niners and the first female coach in Super Bowl. That is something to celebrate. The players know what they get themselves into when they signed up to play. I think the players create a strong bonds with their teammates.

I believe change is possible but it will take a lot of efforts to keep proving your point in order for people to wake up. In the meantime, it is best to let people be and have them live the life they choose to live. It takes a lot of energy to stress about something out of our control so might as well shift your perspective, be open, respect and embrace all of our differences. After all, our sameness, differences, and uniqueness make this world more colorful.