I believe my family enjoys different types of food. We all were exposed to different cultures here in the Bay Area so we all had a chance to try and explore different cuisines from different cultures. I am glad that we have a diverse palate. I cannot imagine eating just filipino dishes all my life. However, Filipino food is delicious. Pancit, lumpia, and adobo are popular filipino dishes and staples in every filipino social gathering. Filipino dishes are not the healthiest. There has been studies that the obesity rates in Filipino are increasing due to the food they eat. I believe it because every dish always has to be eaten with rice or a lot of carbs but they are so good. Filipino dishes are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Many people are aware of the delicious food and culture now. I find filipino food at people of different race’s party. It is great.

Food especially good food brings people together. We filipino love to celebrate with food. People use food as a way to socialize and bond with their friends and loved ones. I consider myself as a foodie. I love good food and I know a lot of people do too. Since I am now a full time student, I avoid going out to eat and spending money at restaurants. I still enjoy going out to eat with friends at times but I just do it in moderation now.