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Applying for colleges is very stressful for a lot of students yet there are many factors that can hinder admissions for minorities and low income students. Many of us students think that we need to get good grades, score high in placement test and write a good personal statement in order for us to get accepted into a prestigious university. However, there are politics that regulates college admissions that students have no control of. In attempt to diversify the university, admission offices have to meet a certain quota in accepting students with different educational backgrounds.

According to the article, “The Secret Quotas In College Admissions, A coalition of 64 Asian-American groups has filed a complaint against Harvard for discriminating against Asian-American kids in admissions. Asian-Americans believe that they are more deserving of being admitted to Harvard than African-Americans and Hispanics.

Another article on New York Times, Douglas Hodge, the retired chief executive of the bond giant Pimco, was in a different class, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to get no fewer than four of his seven children into elite schools and attempting to do so with a fifth child. This article displayed that Hodge believed in university ranking. By bribing the university, he took away the opportunity for minorities to attend an elite university even though, they are more than qualified.


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Here’s an example of an Asian American attempting to contest his admission denial at Harvard: