I believe that class, culture, and race had affected my individual learning positively. I am fortunate to live in a place where diversity is truly embraced. I not only learn more about myself but I also, learned about other people. Yes, we face many differences in class, culture, and race but it does not mean that we should all be divided. Maybe we were all put in this type of situation so we can learn from each other and continue growing from there.

From experience, attending a school with different races like Black, Asians, White, Latin, Hispanic made my learning or school life a bit more colorful compare to just attending school in the Philippines where I am surrounded by my own nationalities or people. I loved that I experienced both world. The schools in the Philippines seemed to be more strict and structured compare to the U.S. and they cultivate teamwork and collaboration versus here in the U.S. everyone seems to be on their own a lot. If we do not seek for resources to succeed then it is more likely for us to stay stagnant until we find ways to attend a certain University or take a certain course.

Overall, I never really paid too much attention until I start analyzing things. I’ve always go with the flow of life and did my best to not stress too much. I’m not too sure if that’s a good or bad approach but it has served me well.