I have been fortunate to work for organizations that care about their employees physical and psychological health. Although, the job can be very busy and demands our full commitment, we did not have supervisors yelling and scolding us for making a mistake and not meeting any quota. Sometimes the conflict can come from a co-worker but any issues can be resolve at any of the places I worked at. The organizations I worked for do not tolerate work violence, harassment, or any type of harsh behaviors or treatments. If such incident occurs, an employee has the right to contact the union, speak to the supervisor or manager, contact staff relation and support department to seek advice. These organizations are not perfect but I feel that they do their best to try to provide support to the employees as needed.

Every workplace or job can come with stress and it is up to the employee to find a way to balance a work and personal life, manage stress, and to seek help as soon as the job is taking a toll on them especially in their mental and physical health. I believe that we, ourselves come first. We need to be healthy mentally and physical in order to provide a good quality of service to any organization or company. We must also know when to quit especially when the job is to serving us well. There many opportunities out there, just a matter of finding them