February 9th – Free Write

The different teachers who’ve shaped who I am today and helped create my path.

  • My grandmother always taught me to become an adventurous person.
  • My mom has taught me to always try new things.
  • My dad has taught me to always seize every opportunity and taught me the fundamentals in life.
  • My dog helped me to be a better caring person overtime.
  • My brother has always introduced me into the more creative aspects in life and share interesting new things in world.
  • My sister helped me to become a more responsible person in life.
  • My cat has taught me to become more selfish in a good way.
  • My grandfather taught me to become a honest young man.


Outline –


  • Who I am as a person and who I aspire to be.


  • Discuss what my different teachers have taught me.


  • The plan for my future.


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