February 12th – Audio Essay Script

Audio Essay Script:

My audio essay is about me and who I am as a person. Moreover, this essay will describe how I developed as human being over the course of my youth. Also, this essay will create a short journey to who I aspire to be in life. There will be some conflicts about when I was at my lowest during my path into becoming a adult. Overall, the main part about my essay is that I will share¬†the different teachers who’ve shaped who I am today and helped create my path.

One of the learning experiences I will talk about will be about how I learned from some of my mistakes I’ve made during my journey. Also, I might include what my culture is like in my introduction to offer some cultural understanding to the audience. This narrative will be a short timeline of the main parts and a few important moments in my life. In addition, I plan to make my audio essay connect smoothly together. This may be my favorite essay yet, we’ll see.


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