February 21

Seeing and Being Seen

In the course of my life I have felt tokenized because of my physical appearance because I am tall. For example, playing basketball in my youth days I was seen as a good choice for a team because being tall as a first impression for a basketball player means an advantage. This is all based off of first impression of my physical appearance. Also, I felt used, but in a good way. When people first meet me, I feel like they see me as a tall and slim.

The the perceptions that I think people have of me sometimes is that they think I am shy. However, it’s not that I am shy, it’s that maybe I just don’t want to engage with you in particular. Also, I think of myself as half introvert and half extrovert because I can always adapt to different people and environments based on my mood. I feel that we just live in a judge-mental ┬ásociety and everyone is always going to have judgements which is also fine. However, when people don’t keep those judgements to themselves and say them to the person, it may be inaccurate or unfair to the person.

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