April 18th

Recently in my hometown, Union City, from the article, “Union City: Council passes law barring tenant evictions without cause”, landlords across my city have been unfair evicting people out of their homes, “A loud round of applause broke out last week after the Union City City Council enacted some protections for renters against unjustified evictions and landlord harassment. On a 4-1 vote, the City Council approved an ordinance that requires landlords to meet certain requirements before evicting renters and provide them with a notice detailing their rights as tenants. Councilman Lorrin Ellis dissented.” In relation to the reading “Home and Hope”, Desmond talks about how in Milwaukee, the poorest renters are moved so much around the city, “Why they do is a question that has puzzled researchers and policymakers because they have overlooked the frequency of eviction in disadvantaged neighborhoods.8 Between 2009 and 2011, roughly a quarter of all moves undertaken by Milwaukee’s poorest renters were involuntary. Once you account for those dislocations (eviction, landlord foreclosure), low-income households move at a similar rate as everyone else.9 If you study eviction court records in other cities, you arrive at similarly startling numbers.” Honestly, I feel like very city has evictions that are unfair, but I’m glad that my city passed a law so that landlords can’t force people out without certain requirements.



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