April 27th Freewriting

In Essay 4, I plan to talk about everything ranging from social class to cultural norms in the work place. The way I plan to structure my body paragraphs is to talk about my point of view the have one counter-paragraph to discuss the other side of my argument to strengthen my point of view. I also plan to discuss everything about the stress that is involved between different kinds of jobs and also talk about the difference between earning a living and just wanting to grind to have money. I will also implement my own experiences in this essay and putting my own thoughts about benefits and cons. Also, I will expand on certain stereotypes in different kind of work places.

Side of Argument: Indentify cultural norms and stereotypes within the workplace, ways to change the workplace for everyone.



Body P 1- Social classes + Workplace

talk about location, economy

Body P 2- Perspective on Cultural Norms + Workplace

Body P 3 – Perspective on stereotypes in the workplace

Body P 4 – Changing the educational system

Body P 5 – My experiences

Counter Body P- Opposite of my opinions


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