presentation 5 self reflection

In my final presentation for this class I had a lot of fun making it. I decided to make an iMovie of my all time favorite biking trip. This was a trip I did with my family this past summer in Austria. I think that while my presentation was good and I enjoyed watching it it did not do the experience I had justice. This bike ride gave me a sense of being a kid again and immediately after I wanted to buy myself a bike for my house. It also got me really excited for this class. if I was more ted savvy and knew how to make a proper video I would have added videos that my family had taken, like when I came a few inches from riding straight into the river, however I was only able to insert pictures not videos. I also would have made it longer but it wouldn’t export to my computer if it was nay larger in fact I had to crop some of it out. Besides these few things though I really enjoyed putting together this video and sharing my experience.

My goals for module 5

The audience I would like to reach for this presentation is anyone who is interested in seeing my family awesome biking experience that we had in Europe. It is also good for anyone who like the movie sound of music because that is what the tour was focused around and we got to see/ remake many of the iconic scene from the movie.

In my video my main way that I established credibility was through my pictures. they show evidence that my family and I biked around the country to these amazing sites.

Outline module 5

Goal- to share a fun personal experience I had while biking with my family in another country 


I will start by introducing a bike ride me and my family did in austria

  • 4 hours long
    • Through countryside and city
  • Good for all ages
    • Our group was 6-54
  • Safer than riding in san francisco

Pictures/ video 

I shared pictures of the experiences and places that my family got to see while biking around austria


This ride brought back my childhood love of biking. Got me excited for biking in san francisco even though they are very different!

Self Assessment  4

For this presentation i feel like i did pretty well. I was excited to talk about this because i was very personal to me. I think that I did better on not stuttering as much and being able to stand still without unnecessary movement. I am more proud of the improvement i’ve seen over the semester. In the beginning i wrote that a good speaker was passionate and confident an during the first presentation i was definitely not either ronan those things. However having just given my fourth presentation i feel like i achieved both of these skills. I think that the most important usf learning outcome is “Present well-reasoned and appropriately supported oral arguments that are responsive to topic, purpose, audience, and occasion.” i think that this is important because it outlines the main goals of having a clear topic, a purpose, and knowing your audience. Unknowingly i feel like i used this outcome to make my all of my presentations in this class. I really value this outcome.

individual conference post

in m y meeting with Proffesor hunt for my project 4 I told him my idea about presenting on the breast cancer ride. I think this meeting was helpful because he suggested reaching out to people for their own experiences which gave me the idea to talk to both my mom and grandma not about breast cancer but specifically about YSC, or other organizations. During this time we also talked about my module 5 presentation because I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. However after talking this helped me decided that wanted to make a video about a personal experience riding bikes! During this meeting I got to talk about both my projects and get help on both of them!

Class 15 post

Today is the last class of this semester. During this class we all gave our final speeches. this made me kind of sad. I am happy that the semester is over, but I will actually miss this class. This was my first college class that I had ever taken and I really enjoyed it. I liked our long bike rides through San Fransisco and I liked getting to know everyone in the class. This is the only class where I can say I know everyones names, and its not because of the midterm, its because this is  the closest class I have. I will miss this class and everyone in it next semester!

Speaking center #3 presentation 4

today when I went to the speaking center I scheduled it right before our class so that could try and get my nerves out when presenting to someone else instead of the class. Im not sure if this worked because I didn’t feel like I did very well when presenting to her. She gave me a few pointers on things I could fix and then that was it. personally I think would have liked to run through it at least one ore time with the feedback she had given me.  Maybe next time I have a presentation will just practice with a group of people a bunch of times not the speaking center one time.

Speaking center #2 presentation 3

When i went to the speaking center this time I actually went after i had already done my speech. The girl who was helping give me feedback went over my outline and she said it seemed very organized. This was a big compliment for me because the last time i went my biggest thing that needed work was the organization. She also gave me tips on how to use the outline when i’m presenting. This was kind of helpful but my goal is to be able to give my presentation with holding my outline or note cards at all. I know that i can do this because i did during the very first presentation. I also told her i was concerned with how i got nervous and just liked talked really fast and she told me to give the speech to someone else don’t have the first time be the presentation. Video recording of myself didn’t count because i had done that for my other presentations. To help this i planned my next speaking center appt for right before our next presentations. My hope is that this helps me get all my nerves out while presenting to the speaking center helper.

Discussion of sources for presentation 4

For presentation four I used the website that my group found for out in class work on a presentation. This website is for a fundraising event to help support women with breast cancer. When my group found this i wrote a little about it however i wanted to go back and dig deeper about this organization and the ride. I found an article on lindsey gafford and her story and it was very inspirational. I wanted to try to reach out to her and ask her questions about it, but unfortunately i was unable to. Additionally i reached out to my mom who has had breast cancer to get her input on the ride and ask about the organization.

Write up for presentation 4

My presentation is on a fundraising and awareness bike ride to raise money for breast cancer. This bike ride is put on by YSC and is called YSC tour de pink! YSC is a organization who donates money and other resources to breast cancer research and people with breast cancer. I chose this ride and found it interesting because breast cancer is something very close to my heart.

The ride happened in three different places. There is one ride in the west coast which goes from Westlake Village near Malibu, up the coastline through Santa Barbara to Santa Monica Bay, CA. The east coast ride goes from suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to the of Long Branch, New Jersey. The ride in the south goes from the suburbs of Tampa, FL along Longboat Key to the beaches of Venice Beach, FL.  Each ride is about 200 miles long. There are two different options, either a one day or a three day ride. If you want to participate on the three day ride you have to raise $2,500. If you want to ride in the one day ride you must raise at least $300.

One specific rider i found was lindsey gafford. She was Diagnosed with breast cancer and got a double mastectomy and the cancer was gone. Unfortunately in 2016 she got metastatic breast cancer. That same year she challenged herself to ride and she Biked the East coast ride.

Uses support groups, online resources, and conferences provided by YSC.

The other reason I rode in Tour de Pink is because I wanted to overcome a physical       challenge.”

I was very interested in this ride because i think it’s a great cause but i found it because i looked up bike rides to support breast cancer. This topic is close to me because both my grandma and my mom have had breast cancer. My grandma had it twice when i was younger and my mom got diagnosed about two years ago. I talked to my mom about this ride to see if she had heard of YSc or used resources provided by them and she said she has never heard of YSC but she has heard of other similar organizations that do similar events like a walk or run to raise awareness.  She also mentioned that she has used resources given from groups like YSC just not specifically them. Im personally am interested in this ride because i like participating or donating to breast cancer in any way i can. A couple examples include my family participating in cancer walks when i was younger, raising awareness at my school, and even donating my hair to other girls and women who had to lose all of theirs.

Overall i am very interested in this ride. They bike three days to support an amazing cause and help women who are going through a tough battle. Luckily for me i didn’t lose either my grandma or my mom to breast cancer and i want to help programs like YSC try to help other women and families as well. This bike ride isn’t near me but maybe in the future i could participate in it to help out and be part of this amazing ride!