class 5 :)

Last week in class my favorite part was riding the tandem bike! I really enjoyed this experience riding through out golden gate park. I had never really even seen someone riding a tandem bike in person so I was very nervous. This experience was pretty hard to get used to because when you are on the back and when. you are on the front it is two totally different things. When your riding on the back you have no control over the braking, steering, or change of gears. this is a weird feeling because if you want to slow down you have to rely on the other person. however the weirdest thing for me was pedaling and knowing I was biking but not being able to see what was In front of the or where we were going.  After we completely crashed and fell over we started communicating more and we started to get the hang of it. By the end of the day we were really in sync and stopping and starting were much easier. I really like the idea of a tandem bike because it has the aerodynamics of a regular bike but the man power of two! Overall I loved the tandem bike and I would for sure do it again


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