Self Assessment  4

For this presentation i feel like i did pretty well. I was excited to talk about this because i was very personal to me. I think that I did better on not stuttering as much and being able to stand still without unnecessary movement. I am more proud of the improvement i’ve seen over the semester. In the beginning i wrote that a good speaker was passionate and confident an during the first presentation i was definitely not either ronan those things. However having just given my fourth presentation i feel like i achieved both of these skills. I think that the most important usf learning outcome is “Present well-reasoned and appropriately supported oral arguments that are responsive to topic, purpose, audience, and occasion.” i think that this is important because it outlines the main goals of having a clear topic, a purpose, and knowing your audience. Unknowingly i feel like i used this outcome to make my all of my presentations in this class. I really value this outcome.

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