Speaking center #2 presentation 3

When i went to the speaking center this time I actually went after i had already done my speech. The girl who was helping give me feedback went over my outline and she said it seemed very organized. This was a big compliment for me because the last time i went my biggest thing that needed work was the organization. She also gave me tips on how to use the outline when i’m presenting. This was kind of helpful but my goal is to be able to give my presentation with holding my outline or note cards at all. I know that i can do this because i did during the very first presentation. I also told her i was concerned with how i got nervous and just liked talked really fast and she told me to give the speech to someone else don’t have the first time be the presentation. Video recording of myself didn’t count because i had done that for my other presentations. To help this i planned my next speaking center appt for right before our next presentations. My hope is that this helps me get all my nerves out while presenting to the speaking center helper.

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