Write up for presentation 4

My presentation is on a fundraising and awareness bike ride to raise money for breast cancer. This bike ride is put on by YSC and is called YSC tour de pink! YSC is a organization who donates money and other resources to breast cancer research and people with breast cancer. I chose this ride and found it interesting because breast cancer is something very close to my heart.

The ride happened in three different places. There is one ride in the west coast which goes from Westlake Village near Malibu, up the coastline through Santa Barbara to Santa Monica Bay, CA. The east coast ride goes from suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to the of Long Branch, New Jersey. The ride in the south goes from the suburbs of Tampa, FL along Longboat Key to the beaches of Venice Beach, FL.  Each ride is about 200 miles long. There are two different options, either a one day or a three day ride. If you want to participate on the three day ride you have to raise $2,500. If you want to ride in the one day ride you must raise at least $300.

One specific rider i found was lindsey gafford. She was Diagnosed with breast cancer and got a double mastectomy and the cancer was gone. Unfortunately in 2016 she got metastatic breast cancer. That same year she challenged herself to ride and she Biked the East coast ride.

Uses support groups, online resources, and conferences provided by YSC.

The other reason I rode in Tour de Pink is because I wanted to overcome a physical       challenge.”

I was very interested in this ride because i think it’s a great cause but i found it because i looked up bike rides to support breast cancer. This topic is close to me because both my grandma and my mom have had breast cancer. My grandma had it twice when i was younger and my mom got diagnosed about two years ago. I talked to my mom about this ride to see if she had heard of YSc or used resources provided by them and she said she has never heard of YSC but she has heard of other similar organizations that do similar events like a walk or run to raise awareness.  She also mentioned that she has used resources given from groups like YSC just not specifically them. Im personally am interested in this ride because i like participating or donating to breast cancer in any way i can. A couple examples include my family participating in cancer walks when i was younger, raising awareness at my school, and even donating my hair to other girls and women who had to lose all of theirs.

Overall i am very interested in this ride. They bike three days to support an amazing cause and help women who are going through a tough battle. Luckily for me i didn’t lose either my grandma or my mom to breast cancer and i want to help programs like YSC try to help other women and families as well. This bike ride isn’t near me but maybe in the future i could participate in it to help out and be part of this amazing ride!

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