individual conference post

in m y meeting with Proffesor hunt for my project 4 I told him my idea about presenting on the breast cancer ride. I think this meeting was helpful because he suggested reaching out to people for their own experiences which gave me the idea to talk to both my mom and grandma not about breast cancer but specifically about YSC, or other organizations. During this time we also talked about my module 5 presentation because I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. However after talking this helped me decided that wanted to make a video about a personal experience riding bikes! During this meeting I got to talk about both my projects and get help on both of them!

Class 15 post

Today is the last class of this semester. During this class we all gave our final speeches. this made me kind of sad. I am happy that the semester is over, but I will actually miss this class. This was my first college class that I had ever taken and I really enjoyed it. I liked our long bike rides through San Fransisco and I liked getting to know everyone in the class. This is the only class where I can say I know everyones names, and its not because of the midterm, its because this is  the closest class I have. I will miss this class and everyone in it next semester!

Speaking center #3 presentation 4

today when I went to the speaking center I scheduled it right before our class so that could try and get my nerves out when presenting to someone else instead of the class. Im not sure if this worked because I didn’t feel like I did very well when presenting to her. She gave me a few pointers on things I could fix and then that was it. personally I think would have liked to run through it at least one ore time with the feedback she had given me.  Maybe next time I have a presentation will just practice with a group of people a bunch of times not the speaking center one time.

Class 14 post

In class today we all got in groups and watched videos of freedom of speech. the video my group got assigned was called the success of nonviolent cicil resistance by Erica Chenoweth in  ted X talk.  Erica believes that the best way to seek change is through non- violent resistance and action. she also says that at first she believed that the only way to resist government or over throw it was through violence and that non violence is better for gender, work, and other issues like this. She did research and found that civil resistance ended up being much more powerful then she had assumed. she also found that non violent campaigns ended up being around four times larger and more inclusive so age, gender, race didn’t prevent people from joining like a violent campaign would. She also questioned herself on why she assumed that violence was the answer and why she believed that it was the only way to fix some problems. she leaves us with the question about focusing more of history and present day on civil resistance and people power not just past wars and battles. I really enjoyed her ted talk and I learned a lot about why civil resistance is more effective which I didn’t necessarily believe at first either.

Module 4 reading response post 2

unstoppable by Steve Friedman

This article is about a woman named Kathryn bertine who has done everything from making a documentary to rowing to skating, to cycling. She had no money and had to  sneak into gyms and love off of babysitting money. Then one day espn asked her to train for the olympics. She went into professional cycling and then became a best-known activist in cycling. She got in a bad accident and was hospitalized which lead to setbacks and depression for her. She got out of this by setting goals for herself working towards them and then achieving them. I found this article very interesting ad inspiring because i think her life is very inspirational and hope she never gave up on what she enjoyed doing and always had determination and wisdom to keep moving forward. I also liked how she stood up for herself and other women’s cyclist to be a proud activist towards something that she believes in strongly.

Speaking center 1

This was the first time that I had ever been to the speaking center. while I was there I got some very good feedback from the girl who was helping me. Some advise she gave me was when I am giving my speech to not use the actual write out but instead to use the out line format. the reason for this she said is that it is easier to see your ideas and it helps prevent you from reading right off of your write out. She also told me that its easier to see quotes in this format which makes it easier to insure that you are presenting the correct information. over all found this very helpful and i plan to use the outline format that she gave me that have attached below in my next presentations


Class 13 post

in class this week we worked on group presentations. My group was me Aaron and Justin and our topic was awareness and fundraising for bike organizations. while working on this presentation we found a number of organizations and groups who put on events in order to raise awareness for their cause. the three groups we picked to look into further were bike MS, YSC- tour de pink, and world bicycle relief. I found a particular interest in the tour de pink ride so this is the section I researched and included in our presentation. After we found all of our information we recorded out presentation and that was it for the day!

Linguistic tricks of youtube

I don’t usually watch youtube so for this activity i watched a video done by liza which was recommended by malia. The video i watched was called “ in a hit and run!! Driving with liza part 4. She did use several of the components of  “youtube voice”. She stressed her vowels a lot and she also carried out long words. They use this voice to keep the listener interested and not sound monotone. This youtuber was also very funny so when she talked in this voice it just added to the video to make it hilarious. sgC6 FUnds

Class 12 post

this week in class we looked at “youtubevoice” this is how people talk or present to grab the audiences attention. it is things like extending vowels or effusing certain words. I watch a video by Liza on this and I found it very funny. After we watched you tubers we had to get in groups and make our own videos. My group was Malia me and Kyle and when we were making our videos felt a little weird. It was kind of uncomfortable to talk like that on purpose but it does make your audience want to listen to more because you aren’t monotone. This is also important on any speech to be aware of how you sound so you don’t bore or annoy your audience!

class week 10

Class this week was on Halloween which I think added a little but of fun to our class. I know that not many people wore costumes but those who did looked so great! this class was also really good to help prepare for our presentations next week. We got into talking about our communities in groups and in pairs. This is how I got my idea for presentation 3 about my home community of Livermore. I also got to talk to Remi about her community in Australia and we compared and contrasted norms of our communities!