presentation 5 self reflection

In my final presentation for this class I had a lot of fun making it. I decided to make an iMovie of my all time favorite biking trip. This was a trip I did with my family this past summer in Austria. I think that while my presentation was good and I enjoyed watching it it did not do the experience I had justice. This bike ride gave me a sense of being a kid again and immediately after I wanted to buy myself a bike for my house. It also got me really excited for this class. if I was more ted savvy and knew how to make a proper video I would have added videos that my family had taken, like when I came a few inches from riding straight into the river, however I was only able to insert pictures not videos. I also would have made it longer but it wouldn’t export to my computer if it was nay larger in fact I had to crop some of it out. Besides these few things though I really enjoyed putting together this video and sharing my experience.

My goals for module 5

The audience I would like to reach for this presentation is anyone who is interested in seeing my family awesome biking experience that we had in Europe. It is also good for anyone who like the movie sound of music because that is what the tour was focused around and we got to see/ remake many of the iconic scene from the movie.

In my video my main way that I established credibility was through my pictures. they show evidence that my family and I biked around the country to these amazing sites.

Outline module 5

Goal- to share a fun personal experience I had while biking with my family in another country 


I will start by introducing a bike ride me and my family did in austria

  • 4 hours long
    • Through countryside and city
  • Good for all ages
    • Our group was 6-54
  • Safer than riding in san francisco

Pictures/ video 

I shared pictures of the experiences and places that my family got to see while biking around austria


This ride brought back my childhood love of biking. Got me excited for biking in san francisco even though they are very different!