Lab 6 Results Jason Krastins

I assembled the forward and reverse reads results for the JK-02 and PR-03 gene assemblies after downloading the info off of Geneious. Unfortunately, the read quality was too low to be able to assemble the reverse and forward reads of the JK-02 sequences, both of which had about 20 polymorphic sites each close to the ends. It was an interesting discrepancy; the read quality was low, but polymorphic sites were also low. Despite the low read quality, the DNA was successfully blasted and indicated that the fish was in fact the Red Drum, Sciaenops ocellatus. The DNA samples from PR-03 were much better in quality overall and assembled easily without any polymorphic DNA sites. The species ID was not as certain, however, though it was confined to only very closely related species in the genus Thunnus, namely T. alalalunga and T. orientalis.  I was informed that the samplw was supposed to be tuna, but not which species, so I am unsure of whether or not the marked species was correct for that individual.

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