Lab 10 Jason K

Last Tuesday, my group, the Pyrimidudes, started our lab session which involved doing PCR reactions to amplify the DNA we gathered by running gel electrophoresis on our M. guttatus tissue samples gathered the Tuesday prior. We prepared a master mix using 214uL of ddH2O, 32uL of 10x buffer, 32uL of MgCl2, 16uL of BSA, 3.2uL of dNTPs, 3.2uL of F-primer, 3.2uL of R-primer and 1uL of Taq. Then, I labeled 4 tubes with the following tags; D1, D2 and D3, and added 19 ul of the above master mix along with 1uL template from JK CATB 01, and ALC TROJ02, and ALC SHOR 003 to each tube respectively. Finally, I vortexed the tubes and stored them in ice until Dr. Paul could put them in the PCR machine to amplify the DNA for processing next lab period.

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