Nov 15th in class writing

The most significant historical event that has positively shape of my country and the people was September 11th, 2001. The reason why this historical event is so significant to my country and its people is that security became a number 1 priority. We added the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

The TSA checks every airplane passenger on the plane. They have a security clearance before the airplane gates. They check your luggage, purses, wallets, etc. The reason why this happened is because of 9/11. 9/11 is a day where thousands died because terrorists stole some planes and crashed into the Twin Towers which collapsed. It isn’t as simple as the old days where you can just walk in on the flight without being checked. This has positively shaped our country because we know that there will be nothing wrong with the flights.

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Nov 8th in class writing

In my culture, the male plays more of the leading role in the family. The male takes care of the finances and the female takes care of the kids, house, grandparents, guests, etc. My family history of marriages are arranged marriages. The men and women both have equal freedom of speech and equality. They both make decisions together. In “I Want a Wife,” the male is controlling everything. Women have no say. In “They Didn’t Want an Arranged Marriage,” the male and female have a say in what to do. They have equal rights.

Nov 6th In Class Activity Jayesh Patel

Is this plagiarism or not?

Y or N

__N___William Ellis (2011) asserts that world problems such as poverty, pollution, war, and hunger are inherent in the current system of world order based on nation-states and economic competition (p. 23).

___N__Global tensions and inequities can be solved if people begin to help one another on a grass-roots basis, moving beyond the current world order of economic competition (Ellis, 2011, 23).

__Y___Ellis (2011) argues that global problems are often a result of exploitation inherent in economic competition. He contends that “grass roots….people-to people linkages irrespective of national borders” can do much to ease global tensions (p. 23).

___N__Economic competition is at the basis of many of the world’s problems. Only by seeing ourselves as a single family without the separation of national boundaries can world tensions begin to be eased (Ellis, 2011, p. 23).

___Y__Ellis (2011) argues that world problems are caused by overpopulation and that the only possible solution is an enforced tax on families who have more than one child (p. 23).

Nov 6th Essay 2 Feedback

In my essay 2 draft, there are a couple of adjuments that need to be made. Some of the adjuments that need to be made are integrating quotes instead of stating them, make better transitions, and summarize the essay. I will use transition phrases, summarize the essay, and talk about the quote instead of stating it. None of the comments seem to be difficult about it.

Oct 28 In class writing

Haoran Qiu’s response to the online essay is similar to my response. One point that he made that I also made was that the Mom didn’t receive any education, so she wanted to make sure that her kids have a solid education. Another point that Qiu made that was similar to mines was that if you are educated in China, it means you rule the world. I see that online essays seem to have more details, pictures, and videos. In a traditional essay, you won’t be able to play a video. Also, you won’t see that many pictures.


Interview Questions:

  • Is a Business Marketing major a reliable career?
  • Is the starting salary of a Business Marketing major at USFCA higher than other universities?
  • Is a Business Marketing major difficult?

Oct 25 Verb Tenses

Activity 1:

For a long time, my stepson, Jonathan, was unhappy to have me as part of his family, for he resented (resents) that he didn’t have both biological parents at home. I tried (try) to get to know him better, but he would complain that I invaded (invade) his privacy. As a newcomer, I understand (understood) that our relationship will require effort from both of us. It is not enough that I was friendly. Jonathan also has to want us to be friends, and I was not happy with the two of us being strangers, but I can wait for him to feel more comfortable around me.

Activity 2:

Anne Marie collects antique bottles and loves (loved) to turn them into works of art. She will buy bottles if she likes (liked) them, but she prefers to find them in the ground. She will find bottles everywhere, but she picks (picked) them selectively. However, she has the best luck at construction sites on old farmland, where she spends (spent) most of her time. Often, bottles appear (appeared) on the surface after a good rain, but they disappear very soon. She will use special tools for excavating bottles, including a set of brushes. She did not want to break the bottles as she removes them from the ground. After finding a new bottle, Anne Marie will add it to her display case and hung on the wall as an artistic piece (Mangelsdorf, 2013, p. 411).


Oct 23 Video Essay Outline (Jayesh Pate, and MJ)

Discipline – Business Marketing

  • Introduce famous marketers
  • Explain what marketing is
  • Give multiple examples of marketing
  • Ranking of the Business Marketing program at USFCA.
  • How we like Business Marketing.

Who is responsible for what?

Jayesh – Responsible for finding photos, record voice, and find two scholarly sources

MJ – Editing video, and find one scholarly source

We are aiming to finish the project by November 8th.

October 21st video essay discussion

Three key features of the assignment are video making software, scholarly research, and sound effects.

Three main requirements that this essay asks for are to explain your discipline you are interested in at USF, help understand what multimodal writing is, and make your audience better at reading and writing.