Mar 1st

Homesickness and depression are very common in the international student group. However, most of the students think that they have self-help to deal with homesickness and depression. But the research shows they did not recover.

‘Thirty-one international students out of 520 diagnosed with depression and homesickness yet were unwilling to get treatment, were invited for the reassessment of their homesickness and depression after three-and-a-half months. The psychological assessment shows 9 students had recovered but 20 students had not.’ (Saravanan. C,¬†Mohamad.M & Alias.A,

Different students have different family background, annoyance, and social relation. So they are upset for different reasons. The best way is to combine the causes of their annoyance and the other student’s way out of trouble. This is how this research did.


  Saravanan, C., Mohamad, M., & Alias, A.  (January 2019) , page 77-87

International Journal of Intercultural Relations.Coping strategies used by international students who recovered from homesickness and depression in Malaysia.\


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