Mar 4

1.drunk driver is a constructed argument.

because the death rate of drunk driver is about 28%

2. constructed evidence.

Because it is not always correct, there may be something else in the victim’s fingernails is hard evidence.

Because the violence is not the only reason cause teenage violence.

Violent video games do not cause real-world aggression is constructed evidence.

The Facts on Crowd Size


5.constructed evidence

fear is not the only thing we worried about. Maybe we will fear of life, ghost or auto-tune is a hard evidence








  1. it’s plagiarism because Wikipedia is not the primary source.
  2. it’s plagiarism because even if it’s from the book, he has to cite it.
  3. it’s plagiarism, you can’t copy and paste the paste paper you wrote.
  4. it’s plagiarism, because everthing you use on the internet should be cited.
  5. it’s plagiarism because you have to cite if you paraphrase.


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