1,my argument is that marijuana should not be legalized.

1, marijuana is both harmful to the individuals and the society

1, marijuana is harmful to human’s body and mental health.
2, legalization of the marijuana influence the society.(such as unemployment and homelessness)
3, I will tell a true story happen around me.
1 the marijuana should not be legalized and we should stop the abuse of marijuana.

March 3rd 2019 Group work(Victor&Heath)

“I have a dream”

More than 40 years ago, in August 1963, Martin Luther King electrified America with his momentous ‘I Have A Dream’ speech, dramatically delivered from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Certainly, King’s speech was well researched. In preparation, he studied the Bible, The Gettysburg Address and the US Declaration of Independence and he alludes to all three in his address.

He basically used the pathos to transfer his emotion to the audiences.