Lab 8: Signs of Spring / leaves

  • Date: 3/29/2020
  • Location: Backyard
  • Description of location: Its a flat valley terrain with a boarder of trees of many species, majority fruit trees, attracting many bird species including humming birds. There are some wasp populations in shrubs as well as the occasional black valley carpenter bee.
  • 3 signs of spring- there has been grass growing where there used to be dead grass and weeds, flowers are blooming, and the birds are singing louder. Majority of the observations captures were plant based.

    Backyard: species unknown, however, this plant can grow tall, produces pink flowers, with skinny leaves.

    Backyard: Male cherry plant.

  • Backyard: Female cherry tree.











House plant: large leafs to absorb lots of sunlight because of the limitation of being indoors.

Backyard: This species is unknown, this species appeared, traveling from the front of the yard to the very back corner.

  • backyard: same image as the unknown species that traveled from the front yard to the back.

  • The male cherry leafs are rough and more ridged compared to the female cherry tree. The female cherry tree is smoother and shorter than the male leaves.
  • I have also found leaves that belong to a type of house plant, this house plat has large leaves to absorb as much sunlight as it can get, for it is limited due to being inside. 
  • The backyard species have a waxy texture on the leaf, as well as color change when growing from juvenile to adult leaf.
  • Narrative: The “trip” was very short on a cloudy day, this was taken a day after rain. No odd events happened during my excursion.


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