September 2nd: In-class Writing

I read Ryan’s post and it showed he understood the topic discussed in chapter 3. Some similarities I found in our writing was using the point that being being honest with the audience is important to create trust. Also that one of the key qualities a writer must have is authority on the subject or they have had experience with it. I liked how Ryan used shared his personal experience using ethos when writing to a specific audience. He explained that when writing an argument even though you may not have experience with the topic, it is important to do research to gain credibility.


August 31st Freewriting

When I was a freshman in high school my grade took an adventure trip to Ecuador. The trip was about 2 weeks. We first started off going to the capital which is Quito along with other cities. This part of the trip was fun site seeing and beginning to immerse ourselves in the culture by eating foods they ate and staying in family run hotels. It blew my mind that the hotels we stayed at some of which were very nice were no more than 20 dollars a night. After site seeing we went to a small town called Nanegal where we stayed with local families. I was paired up with one other girl who came and she spoke no Spanish at all. I had taken Spanish at school but i only knew basic vocabulary. For the majority of our stay with our homestay family we managed to communicate by pointing at things and using google translate. It was very weird at first to be sleeping in someone else’s bed and having a family we had never met cook meals for us and show us around their town. Our homestay family lived above their small restaurant/ convenience store; they taught us how to cook native meals. Not only did we live with the families in their homes we interacted with them throughout the day. We played soccer with the local kids, attended a fundraiser for a local who needed money for surgery. We also helped teach some of the kids at the local elementary school some english and helped rebuild their playground. Although this was meant to be a service trip it felt way more than that because the locals really included us in and made us feel like family. Although my Spanish speaking skills are still very limited I feel that I gained a better understanding of other cultures which expanded my view on the world and my beliefs. This was by far the best trip I have ever been on.



  • My stress of visiting a new country without my friends, even though I was with my school for a service trip
  • We visited the Capital and saw many famous sites.
  • We began learning about the culture in Ecuador, eating new foods, staying in new places.
  • We saw so many beautiful views and the community took such good care of the land.
  • Then we drove to a small town called Nanegal.
  • For 5 days we stayed with a local family who spoke no English and my buddy and I barely spoke Spanish.
  • We used google translate and pointing at things to understand what our family was saying.
  • They town organized a huge fundraiser to raise money for a local who needed surgery and people from all over Ecuador came.
  • that is the best example of our interactions with the locals, they were always extra generous, very curious, kind, welcoming, motivated.
  • Our homestay family lived in small rooms above their small restaurant/ convenience store.
  • We stayed up late played soccer with the kids and learning about how they life and telling them about how we live.
  • We helped rebuild an elementary school playground and taught students a little english and played with them.
  • Although my Spanish speaking skills are still very limited I feel that I gained a better understanding of other cultures which expanded my view on the world and my beliefs.

Meaning of Name

My name is not very unique, however; it does have some history associated with it. My last name is Zamos which originated from Poland. My dad’s side of the family is from Poland and they lived on a street called Zamosc. Back in the 1900’s when Poland was involved in the War, families were identified by the city they lived in. Over time, our family’s name has evolved into Zamos. Although I am proud to call myself a Zamos, there have been times that I have been embarrassed by my name. Often times people mispronounce the name or say it sounds weird.

I just recently learned the full history about my last name which has made me feel prouder to share it with people. I have never wanted to change my name because it makes me feel connected to my family and my ancestors. One thing I have altered is my first name, just not legally. My real name is Kate but for the longest time I can only remember being called Katie. Most people find it funny that my nickname is longer than my real name.



Hi my name is Kate Zamos, but I go by Katie. I am from Los Angeles, California. Some fun facts about LA is that although it is pretty big, I feel that I usually run into at least one person I know every time I go out. I am a freshman in college and I am very excited for the next 4 years. Although due to the current pandemic I am stuck at home doing online classes, I am looking forward to moving to San Francisco soon and begin exploring the city. Some of my hobbies include; baking, singing, hiking, going to the beach, and exploring new places. I am also very passionate about mental health awareness, so I volunteer at the National Alliance on Mental Illness and help run their free programs.


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