In class writing Feb 20

Football does idolize masculinity and violence. However, there are both male and female fans of football. The violence of football is praised upon many genders, even though it is a masculine sport. We idolize the players who will do what it takes to win which often means violence. Many players come out o the sport with brain dosage and irreversible injuries. Football is a life threatening sport yet that goes unspoken because of how many people enjoy indulging in its entertainment factors. So, we are all to blame justifying violence as a form of entertainment.

We have encouraged this behavior so much that the Super Bowl is practically a holiday, a holiday which has brought in billions of dollars in revenue. Big buck companies and the NFL milk the Super Bowl of its economic advantages. However, many consumers do see the Super Bowl from an economic standpoint because of the sports growing popularity.


In Class Writing Feb 18

I’ve never even thought of the struggles that someone with physical disabilities may have. Most of us don’t realize how lucky we are to live without the challenges that the disabled community faces. Johnson is trying to show the audience the problems that do occur, but also how she overcomes them. Singers is trying to preventing disabled lives because he believes it will save them from living in frustration and discomfort. Many others discussed how they do not agree with Singer’s views. I think that it is unfair for him to have a say on the topic because he has no idea what living with a disability is actually like. Johnson repeatedly explains that she lives a normal and happy life yet Singer just cannot see things from her perspective. Johnson is more than her disability, no one should be treated differently nor dehumanized over such a thing. Society should work with the disabled community’s needs, not kill them off.

I don’t often feel as if I’m “tokenized” however, when first meeting someone, many perceive me as stupid base on my external appearance. This comes from the stereotype that “blondes are dumb.” The stereotype that blonde’s aren’t smart actually makes no sense yet, is still a prevalent idea. Many people make “dumb blonde” jokes around me when I do happen to do or say something dumb. However, these don’t bother me because I know that the stereotype isn’t true. After knowing someone for a while, many people tell me that I’m smarter than I look or that I’m not a dumb as they thought and I believe that is tied to the dumb blonde stereotype.

This stereotype is unfair because there is no correlation at all between hair color and intelligence. I often wonder if I were to make my hair darker if I would be perceived differently. However, I wouldn’t do that to gain respect because if a person actually believes the stereotype, then it just proves their own ignorance.


In Class Writing: Feb 11

In my audio essay I believe that I will be talking about the time I traveled to Europe. In each place that I visited in Europe life was very different. Is was difficult to communicate with people who even spoke English at times because their literacy is different than my own. The most challenging  place to travel to was Paris. The language barrier made it rough to communicate with others. Being American also makes you seem like a vulnerable tourist therefore, you become an easy target for harassment and robbery. I had to learn where I could speak and where I couldn’t quickly.


This story is really about the different forms of literacy that I needed to adopt in order to blend in or be respectful of a different culture. If you’re not careful when traveling a fun vacation can become dangerous fast. Literacy is about reading and writing yet it also involves interaction with others. How you use literacy to interact with others is probably on of the most important aspects of it as you are utilizing it in real life.


In Class Writing Feb 6 2020

Free Writing Practice:

-I have never had any experiences where I’ve been outcasted for my religion or skin color. I grew up in a family that I look a lot different from, my mom and brother having a tan complexion, brown eyes, and dark hair. I’m half Spanish yet look nothing like family nor my extended family. I’m about as white as it gets being having light hair and blue eyes. In Southern California, where I grew up, the surrounding comunity consisted of all different cultures and ethnicities. I’m so use to being around all different types of people that coming to Usf wasn’t much change for me.

-Traveling outside of the country to Europe over the summer, most people are white. I may not stand out by the way I appear however, a quick conversation would give away the fact that I’m American. In most parts of the world American’s are frowned upon. It was a big cultural change traveling through each city that I visited. Each city had it’s own mannerisms and unspoken rules that needed to be followed. There were certain places, such as Paris, where it wasn’t safe to speak aloud because we would become a target.


  • speak more about the differences between European countries and where I live
  • danger of certain places
  • how it is similar

In Class Writing Feb 4

To Do:

-In the audio essay I’m required to create a slideshow with music, pictures and my own voice over in order to complete the assignment.

-Create a story that interests people.


-I feel as if the most difficult part of my audio essay is going to be coming up with a topic.


-I think that the audio essay will be a fun twist to an essay assignment.

– Getting to pick music and pictures will be a fun part of the audio essay.

Discussion for the day:

After reading Garnette Cadogan’s “Black and Blue” I saw a new level of discrimination in America. I found it intriguing that it was more dangerous for people of color to walk in the U.S. over Jamaica. Cadogan describes Jamaica to be a very dangerous place unless you learn the proper mannerisms. However, in America Cadogan realized that he was the one being criminalized people were now scared of him and there was no way of changing that. I have never encountered a similar situations yet I have read about it in the media. People are constantly harassed in America  for the color of their skin but justice is rarely served on the perpetrators. Cadogan is trying to show how awful people of color have been and continue to be treated. He wants people that don’t experience such harassment to see the struggles of African Americans.



In Class Writing: Jan 30

After reading multiple responses we mostly seem to agree on the same issues as a class. I believe that all of these articles, especially Brooks, made us rethink our definition of diversity. We all say we want to surround ourselves with a diverse group of people however, we tend to stick closer to those similar to our social class, ethnicity, or religion.We all mention the fact that there is a clear separation of these groups in America yet we claim to be one of the most diverse countries in the world. After reading Keane’s she brings up the separation of people based on political groups. Politics is something that divides the nation that creates a wall of stereotypes around each party. Now that we have acknowledged this we must reflect from it, surrounding ourselves with others who are different from us. Some people in the class mentioned joining diverse clubs on campus or getting involved in a cultural class that you wouldn’t normally take. Every small step counts and together we can rebuild our community the right way.



-One of my best friend’s first language is not English and has a hard time pronouncing certain words. He can make a joke out of it but I know it actually hurts him to see that.

-When I was in Europe over the summer I was told many times that I was speaking very loud because Americans speak a lot louder.


Strength of the Transgender Community

Maddi, Andrew, and Keely

Transgender people have existed for a long time. Lili Ilse Elvenes, the first documented transgender person, went from male to female. He was the first to undergo surgery to remove all of his male reproductive organs and slowly began to implement female organs but died due to heart failure while undergoing surgery to add a uterus. Only later did transgender and transexual people come to public attention; in 1952 Christine, formerly known as George, underwent a gender-changing operation in Denmark. She was well-received by the public and her parents were surprisingly supportive of her decision. She then made a living touring the country with her singing and her own show. As we transition from the past to the present, the normality of transgender people slowly began to rise and in the 1980s, the US government formally allowed the surgery of sexual transitions. As of 2017, LGBT members now represent roughly 4.5% of the US population. 

There are many struggles that those within the transgender community are forced to deal with daily. Amongst those struggles are discriminatory laws and regulations. For example, President Trump is on a mission to both repeal Obama Care, something that many transgenders rely on, and ban all transgenders from joining the army. The government as a whole is contributing to this behavior by continuing their laws that prohibit those amongst the transgender community from certain types of education and employment. There are also certain marriage laws, cross-dressing laws, prison laws, etc. for those who have transitioned or are in the process of transitioning.

Despite the challenges that the transgender population faces daily, they have built a strong and loving community worldwide. The transgender community is especially prevenent here in San Francisco. There are clinics and shelters scattered throughout the city to help people of the LGBTQ+ community who cannot afford medical care or housing. Shelters and clinics are very important because in 2017 San Francisco’s homeless count concluded that “10% of respondents identified as transgender” according to KQED News. The SF LGBT Center and the San Francisco Transgender Institue are two safe havens for those of the LBGTQ+ community to find refuge as well as acceptance. The people who help organize these programs keep the transgender community alive and well.


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My name is Keely Jones, I am a freshman at the University of San Francisco. I am originally from Dana Point, California where I attended Capistrano Valley High. Some of my favorite hobbies include cooking, sewing, and traveling when I have the time to do so.

At the University I currently study Communication. I would like to pick up a minor during my time here so I have access to more career options. I’m currently considering a minor in business or marketing so I can expand my skills in my position in the liberal arts college. I hope to later study abroad in London during my final year at the University. London has a very large and well respected communication program that I would be fortunate to further my studies there. Also I wish to travel more often and studying abroad in London would give me the opportunity to explore other neighboring countries in Europe.


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