My name is Kenneth Luk and I’m from Hong Kong. I graduated from CATS academy Boston and now I am a marketing major here in USF.

I play some guitar and piano along with music production as a hobby, I joined the school rock band as a guitarist and have performed at a couple of school concerts. I played rugby during my middle school years and ultimate frisbee in my highschool years and have recently picked up Muay Thai which is Thai boxing. I also enjoy playing video games during my free time, I’ve joined the USF esports club and now being one of the roster players for the league of legends team, I have the chance to compete with different schools. Some fun facts about my academics, I’ve been transferring to many different schools due to my parents work, so I have studied in Hong Kong, Beijing Shani Hai, Boston and now San Francisco, which is 8 different schools that I have been to.