25th October- Kaashvi

Edit the following paragraph to correct unnecessary shift in verb tense: For example: Marie finds bottles on old farmland, where she liked (likes) to explore. 

Activity 1:
For a long time, my stepson, Jonathan, was unhappy to have me as a part of his family, for he resents that he didn’t have both biological parents at home. I tried to get to know him better, but he would complain that I invaded his privacy. As a newcomer, I understood that our relationship would require efforts from both of us. It is not enough that I was friendly. Jonathan also should have wanted us to be friends, and I was not happy with the two of us being strangers, but I couldn’t wait for him to feel more comfortable around me.

Activity 2:
Anne Marie collects antique bottles and love to turn them into works of art. She would buy bottles if she likes them, but she prefers to find them on the ground. She finds bottles everywhere, but she picks them selectively. However, she has the best luck at construction sites on old farmland, where she spends most of her time. Often, bottles appear on the surface after a good rain, but they disappear very soon. She uses special tools for excavating bottles, including a set of brush. She does not want to break the bottles as she removes them from the ground. After finding a new bottle, Anne Marie adds it to her display case and hung it on the wall as an artistic piece (Mangelsdorf, 2013, p. 411).

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