8th November

Mira Nair said, “There’s nothing universal about Indian Families except that the family itself is deeply important across the country. It’s sort of the fabric and anchor of our country”.
Family plays an important role in each and every Indians Life. In India, A lot of people live in a joint family which means parents, children, grandparents, uncle, aunts share the same neighborhood. Often Men play a leading role in the family but in India, the age factor is also considered. We are taught to obey our elders in all ways.
I live in a joint family and I would say that after my grandfather passed away my grandmother holds the power in the house.
Arranged marriages are really common in India and even my family history is a part of it. But, throughout the years I have seen both love and arranged marriages.
Women now enjoy an equal right as men and are free to work and leave the household.

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