In class writing – 15th novemeber (history)

India has a great history since ages, though I am not that good at history there are a number of Indian historical events that draws my attention. India has a number of Significant historical events that have either changed the future of the country in a positive or a negative way.
Whenever I hear the word “Partition” it gives me chills. This word is stuck with a lot of Indians since 1947. The British left India into two separate states India and Pakistan. India also has a long history of politics and is one of the strongest country with politics.
Because of Partition a lot of riots were triggered, People started migrating, a lot of hindus went back to India and a lot of Muslims started heading towards Pakistan. It was not a very good sight, millions of people died in partition, hundreds lost their Family, Hundreds were killed and hundreds were never found. Even Today, the two countries have a rivalry but also a healthy relationship.
The State Kashmir, still remains a flashpoint as it is nuclear-armed for both the countries. The best part is that my family and each and every Punjabi family- Pakistan and India can tell a tale about a what had happened. “The tragedy of partition is that the stories of extreme violence in 1947 have provided fodder to opposing perspectives ever since, and myths have crystallised around the origins of India and Pakistan” This is the story about India and Pakistan, Never united.



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