Free Writing -4th Sept

Ideas that you want to include in the Audio essay. 

Link to Identity, challenges

I am going to talk about my high school skii trip to Switzerland. My school decided to take us for a skii trip to Vionazz in January. We were 15 of us traveling together with a teacher and there were 80kids traveling  in the other airline. Our route was something like this. Bangalore to Amsterdam and then a direct flight to zurich followed by a 2hr drive to the skii base camp. Unfortunetly , our flight from amsterdam got cancelled. All 15 of us were stranded at the airport. we couldn’t help it but just laugh. It was so funny that our flight got delayed, all of us were like i thought such things only happen in India. The only lady who was worried was our teacher because she was responsible for 15 of us. after changing the flight tickets. we somehow reached the place and were so tired. Skii trip was one of the best trips i’ve ever taken with my friends so far. While learning how to skii, we were taught  how to make “pizza, fries”. This isn’t the actual pizza and fries but just a way to explain how to keep your lower body while skiing. (pictures of us falling. SKII. snow) add audio.

Skiing is quite a big challenge because it requires a lot of concentration.

Same Year I had a family trip to Japan. We planned to visit Kyoto and Tokyo. Both these cities are beautiful but are really different.

Tokyo is a metropolitan city whereas Kyoto is a small town with scenic beauty.

Outline – Skii -what all happened, how was the experience, when was it ? did not face a lot of  language barriers.

Japan trip- more of experiences, Amazing technology, good food, people don’t speak in english so gestures work there. Japanese people consider Egg, chicken, fish to be vegetarian. They add caviar to all their Japanese dishes.

The temples, shrines, bamboo forest are scenic beauties. It’s a really different place. Different from most of the asian countries.

Talk about the different cultures in both the countries. For japan, different cultures within the countries. 








Hello everyone! I’m Kaashvi Seth and I’m from India. I’m a marketing major here at USF. I call myself a foodie and I run my own food blog on instagram called “thehungrysoul28”(Follow it).I love trying new cuisines, meeting new people and bonding over Food. This is my first time in the states and so far I really like the Bay Area. I’m always looking forward to meet new people and hear out their stories.(I’m a good listener) I love watching standup comedy and movies on Netflix. When I’m free, I watch random videos on youtube, read quotes and blogs, search for a new place to eat, listen to music or just go out for a walk.

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