Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park (37.7723° N, 122.4588° W)

Today I took a walk in Golden Gate Park. It’s a two minute walk from my apartment, yet I’ve never voluntarily gone to the park. Given the shelter-in-home order in place right now, the park was mostly empty. There were some joggers and some people sunbathing. It was about fifty degrees and windy. The sky was mostly clear with the exception of a few clouds.

I didn’t know how close I lived to the Conservatory of Flowers until I accidentally came across it. There I came across several different plants and flowers, like poppy flowers, aloe flowers, primroses, and prickly-pear.

While looking over the patches of poppy flowers, I noticed a pretty big insect flying from poppy to poppy. Upon getting a closer look, I noticed that it was a dark pea sized insect. I figured it was related to the average honey bee. After doing some research, I still could not identify the insect.

My walk in the park was pretty therapeutic, considering I’ve been isolated in my room for the past week. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to be under the sun. I think I’ll do this more often, just to maintain my sanity during this time.


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