Invitations to Dialogue

Our openness to others, each of whom is a “thou” capable of knowing, loving and entering into dialogue, remains the source of our nobility as human persons. — Pope Francis, Laudato si’, 2015

pope francisDialogue is a recurring theme in the writings of Pope Francis. In Laudato si’, Francis challenges the world to enter into dialogue on policies and practices that foster the common good.  He invites dialogue among diverse religions and cultures, and between religion and science to address the ecological crisis and promote human fulfillment.  Moreover, Francis presents the ability to enter into dialogue as a uniquely human characteristic– a quality that reveals our innate human dignity.  As we enter into the final months of a contentious US presidential race and as violence continues to divide communities and displace people around the globe, the Pope’s words challenge all of us to embrace dialogue over intolerance and fear.

Fostering dialogue is an essential part of our work at the Lane Center as we engage diverse voices within the University and the San Francisco community. Dialogue is crucial as we explore the public significance of Catholicism in a way that respects religious pluralism and non-religious perspectives.  This fall, the Lane Center invites dialogue on four important topics in Catholicism: gender, ecology, peace, and Catholic identity.   Continue reading “Invitations to Dialogue”